Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wrong Diagnosis

Could it be?  My son was diagnosed with poison ivy about a week and a half ago.  He was put on an oral steroid for 7 days.  He completed it and the rash wasn’t want better.  I called the Dr. and she said that it can take up to 21 days for the rash to go away.

Personally, I would think that after being on an oral steroid for 7 days, the rash wouldn’t be as severe.  To this day he itches like crazy!

Also, in my experience, poison ivy seems to follow a trailing nature when it breaks out on your skin.  I have it on my arm right now and every time I get it, it looks the same.  This just doesn’t look like the same thing to me.  Now, I’m not sure what poison oak or poison sumac do to the body when you are allergic so it could be something like that.

The poor thing is just miserable.  He itches himself raw when he is sleeping and then since he is so active, sweat and the rash don’t mix well. 

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What do you think?


ShirleyC said...

My son had the worst cases of poison ivy, oak, and sumac you could ever imagine.
Honestly, it doesn't look like any of those. I know everyone reacts differently, but his always had blisters when it spread. He had it so bad one time the doctor thought he'd been burned.
Usually the steroid dose started working by the second day if he didn't have the big blisters.
He has learned to always come in from outside and immediately take a shower especially if he's been in the woods.
You might need to take him to a dermatologist. That part around his neck doesn't look anything like poison ivy to me. JMHO
Please keep us posted as to what you find out.

Debby said...

It looks very strange to me.
Also looks miserable. It is interesting that there isn't much on his trunk but so much on his neck and waist. I would see another doctor for sure. Good luck.