Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not so Getaway, Getaway!

This past weekend we decided to take the kids to Hutchinson, Kansas to visit the Cosmosphere. 


It is an amazing place to visit if you are ever in Hutchinson, Kansas!  Lots of space stuff.

The trip stared off uneventful but it didn’t end up that way.  James had a head cold a few days before and Parker got it the day before.  No problem, right.  Except this is what he did for almost the entire four hour ride.


Here were the other kids….


Yep - that’s Alysia on her phone!  Like always!004

Daddy being silly.  It irritates him to no end when the teenage girls make this face in photos…


We couldn’t leave until school was out on Friday so we got there about 9:00.  If you’re kids are like my kids, the only thing they are excited about when going to a hotel is the POOL!!  It closed at 9:00 but they were gracious enough to let James swim for about an hour until 10:00!

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Overnight, Parker’s cold got worse.  Needless to say, we didn’t sleep AT ALL that night.  I ended up taking him to the local emergency room at 5:00 in the morning Saturday because his cough was so bad and he was having a hard time breathing because he was so congested.  They gave him a steroid shot and said he had croup.  No fun. 

So with no sleep and a sick baby we loaded up and went to the Cosmosphere.  I must say that Parker did a pretty good job under the circumstances.  He just wanted to be held the entire time.  SO, he was carried the majority of the time.  Around this time, Brian and I also got sick.  YUCKY head cold was all but still enough to make it a LONG DAY!!

090 017 020 024 027 028 030

James riding an ejector seat!

033 037 053 061 067 070 074 075 077 080 085 086 087

That night we went to visit our pastor that used to be at our church!  It was a great time catching up with them!  We really need to get down there more often to visit.

On Sunday we were more than ready to come home.  A vacation with sickness is NO FUN AT ALL.  We did promise the boys they could swim again before we left.

126 100 103 105 106 109 111

Hopefully the next time we go it will be a little less eventful where sickness is concerned.


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Debbie said...

Great pics Beth! Sucks about the sickies! I am trying to shake this cough I have had for awhile now. I have no time to be sick--you know---not while Paul was busy cutting off his finger. ugh.
I agree...