Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inspired Spotlight - Brandi Nell the Southern Bell

Hey all!  It's my Inspired Spotlight time!  As soon as you get done reading this guest post you will see why Brandi inspires me so much!  What an AMAZING project, Brandi!

Hi there! I’m Brandi from over at Brandi Nell the Southern Belle. I am so excited that Beth decided feature me here for her Inspired Spotlight!
First let me explain – My husband and I bought a townhouse two and a half years ago and we have been renovating it ever since! Our blog is kind of a diary of our journey in our own home makeover. Room by room we make our house or home.
The past two months, we have been working on my office (or what will be my office). Our latest project has been building some storage cabinets using old doors and barn wood. These old doors were found on our family farm in South Georgia. This is what the doors looked like BEFORE we started the project.

We cleaned the doors up, painted them, and antiqued them … yes, I am crazy – I antiqued, antique doors… you will see those further down.
Then Hubs built a frame for the cabinets out of 2x4’s.


Once the frame was built, we added four door hinges to the frame to hang the door. It’s starting to look like a cabinet now!

Then we added the beadboard to the inside.

Then we added shelves and I painted it, and painted it, and painted it… painted something red is the DEVIL.

We decided to go with “chicken wire” for the windows of the doors.

We decided to take barnwood from our family farm and clad the outside of the cabinet. Yes, that is ME with the nail gun. I pretend to know how to work power tools.


Once the cabinet was completed (which took about a week to complete each one), we bolted the cabinet into the wall. And here she is! HOORAY!

We decided to do TWO of these fabulous cabinets and also add barnwood shelving between the two cabinets for additional storage. This gave this unit a real custom, built in look. To see the WHOLE unit, you will have to come over and visit my blog over at
Brandi Nell the Southern Belle later on today.

I understand that this very rustic look isn’t for everyone, but we are really happy with the way they turned out. I am so ready for our home office to be finished.

Thanks again to Beth for featuring me! Come over and visit me sometime. I am excited to make new blog friends! Talk soon, friends!
Brandi Nell

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