Saturday, June 19, 2010

Need Some Inspiration?

See that button over there...


that says "Patchwork of Awesomeness".

That's exactly what it is!  My patchwork of awesomeness of all good things that I find while surfing the web.  Now you can just click on the link and it will take right to my archive where I store all of it.  Cool, huh!  Check it out!  A big thanks goes to my friend Alisa from The Sweet Life for showing me how to get this on my blog.  GO HERE to read her guest post that she did this week if you missed it

There are some really cool ideas in there, all of which others get credit for.  Someday I will have the time to complete all of these projects.  In the meantime I get the ohh...and...ahh... over all the goodness.  Check the link often, I'm adding stuff to it everyday!

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