Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up - Don't Read MOM

WOW!  It seems like I have been yelling at my kids (my middle one at least) all day.  He has had a friend here all weekend and the lack of sleep has more than caught up with him.  He will be hitting the sack early tonight  for sure.

I did find some uber cool finds in Blogland this week though.  AND, I got my new sewing machine in Friday that I posted about here.  I am sad that I have had such a busy weekend with the basement remodel, extra kids here, working, and all the "stuff" that a mom does that I haven't had a chance to use it at all.  I did manage to read through the manual two days later.  Look for me to start posting come of my creations.  I'm excited.  The Rose Petal Dish towels is my first project :)

I want this!!  Isn't it adorable...

And this tablecloth looks like it took hours to create but is really very simple.  Sew4Home has lots of free patterns for those of you out there that like to create with your sewing machines.

Stephanie at Under the Table and Dreaming created and adorable Crepe Streamer Ruffle wall hanging that I plan on doing in black for Alysia's new room.  It is 95% done and she is ready to move in.  I need to go out this week and find some black crepe paper now.

How cute is this shirt at The Brassy Apple?  You'll never guess what the shirt looked like before she redid it.  AMAZING.....

This is what I want to make for Mother's Day.  Hopefully she's not looking right now.  I like when she reads my blog but she is so dog gone busy that she gets to it on a rare occassion.  I'll just pray that she doesn't look until after Mother's Day now, or she simply skims over this post.  Punkin Seed Productions has some adorable crafts that you are going to want to look through.

And what's not to love about this Trash to Treasure over at Dittle Dattle!  I am thinking this would be cute in Parker's room with his name on it.

There is it...another week of AWESOME finds!  Until next week...enjoy!

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Alisa said...

Hey there Beth! I love that chair with the plant in it too...i saw it the other day and started thinking about hunting down an old chair to use.

I also wanted to thank you so very much for the beautiful purse you sent me. Very springy and you always do such nice work. Thanks again!