Monday, May 16, 2011

A rarity that has me baffled…

This weekend has been a whirlwind.  Not because we were overly busy but just because we didn’t really get much sleep.

Parker had his adenoids removed on Friday.  All seemed to go well.  He was pretty upset when I went to meet him in the recovery room but I’m assuming that’s to be expected when a 2-year old wakes up in a strange place and can’t find his mommy and daddy.

His attitude was pretty good the whole day and throughout the weekend.  He’s a grouchy kid – that was nothing out of the ordinary.

It’s nighttime when things change up and become weird.

Parker has NEVER in his life been afraid to go to bed.  Out of all my kids he has been one of my best sleepers.  When it’s time for bed there are no tears and he does exactly what he needs to do.

Until now.  He is deathly afraid to go to sleep for some reason!  When we lay him down at night he has to be holding our hand or touching us in some way.  Then when he does finally fall asleep it doesn’t last very long until he is in our bedroom crying.

Now let me tell you…I’m a momma and I know the different cry’s that my children have.  It’s something that us momma’s learn somehow when we are pregnant.  This cry is not something that he is using to just try to get into bed with us.  It is a deathly afraid cry!  Something that I have never heard from him before.

He then sleeps with us the rest of the night and the entire time, one of us has to be touching him.  When we aren’t he is awake and crying again.  He is seriously up ever hour on the hour all night long crying and freaking out.  The only thing that I can come up with is that he was so traumatized when he was put under during surgery that he is scared to death to go to sleep for fear of where he will wake up.  I feel so bad for him!

There is one other thing.  ALL day long, Parker doesn’t complain of anything hurting him.  The adenoid surgery in and of itself has virtually no pain associated with it after the fact.  Therefore, there should be no pain that he is aware of.

Now only at night when he wakes up screaming scared to death, he says “OW”!!  I ask him where it hurts and he opens his mouth and points to the inside of it.  I can’t see anything of why there would be pain.  And he doesn’t complain of any pain during waking hours.  I even went to far as to alternate Motrin and Tylenol all night long to help alleviate any pain that he may have been having.  It didn’t work.

Now, I know I may sound absolutely crazy when I say this, but I have read reports of rare cases in which individuals go under during surgery but yet can still feel everything and is aware of everything that is happening around them.

It just makes me wonder with my son.  Why would he be suddenly scared to death to go to sleep?  AND why would he act like he is in pain when all during the day he isn’t?  Is he scared that something is going to hurt him when he sleeps??

I feel so bad for him as there is virtually nothing I can do for him other than be by his side right now.  Any suggestions?  I want my poor baby to sleep better at night knowing that I am and will always be here for him!


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Go back to the doctor maybe something was left in during surgery and is hurting him. Can't hurt to look.
My son jammed a lincoln log in his thoat and did not sleep at night for a year until I looked in his thoat and saw something sticking out and pulled it out and the sleep problem was over.
He had a sliver of wood in there that irritated him when he laid down.
Good luck.

Debby said...

It hasn't been that long since the surgery. Make sure there isn't an infection. My son had one a few days after his T &
A. The doctor said he should still have pain but he did have an infection. I think the fear is how he must have felt when he woke up the frist time after his surgery. He is still remembering that. Hopefully that will past. His throat might be really dry when he wakes up. Good luck. Hopefully that won't last long.