Thursday, April 21, 2011

It’s Mine Now!

Hubby FINALLY agreed to me buying a Silhouette SD!


And, I get the biggest rhinestone bundle with it that you could ever imagine!!


The awesome Silhouette SD and Rhinestone bundle promo from April 21st-April 26th!  Go HERE to get yours!

For $229, you get:

  • A Silhouette SD
  • The Rhinestone starter kit
  • 3 additional packs of rhinestones
  • And 1 Pick Me Up tool

This Rhinestone Bundle includes:

  • The Silhouette SD
  • 2 sheets of rhinestone template material
  • 2 sheets of rhinestone transfer tape
  • 2 rhinestone backing boards
  • 1 rhinestone placement brush
  • 1 CD of rhinestone images
  • 1 pack of clear 10ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack of clear 16ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack of clear 20ss rhinestones
  • 1 pack of pink 10ss rhinestones
  • 1 Pick-Me-Up tool

This is an incredible deal worth $125 in savings!

AND… All things Rhinestone at Silhouette are 30% off (yes, you read that right! Thirty-freaking-percent off! That is, like, unheard of.)

Stay tuned….cute projects are sure to come ;)

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