Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Get Hacked ALOT!

Do you know my husband?

He really is “funny”!  At least he thinks he is most of the time.

Case in point – he likes to hack my Facebook account!

I can only imagine what people that don’t have a clue who he is think about him {or me for that matter}.

Don’t think he is onery and down right irritating sometimes?  Here are some of his “hacks” from the past month.

I'm sitting on the couch eating bon bons watching Judge Judy and I realize how lucky I am to have such a hot sexy husband Brian Eaton. He's the bee's knee's!!!!
I sure can't wait for my handsome and smart husband to bred me!!!! he has big muscles too. well back on the chain to make breakfast and do the dishes.
I think im gonna watch an all my children marathon. I'll just make Brian Eaton, my very good looking husband do the laundry and dishes today. he usually does anyway im a lucky girl!!!
you would think that she'd learn not to keep her facebook open when i'm around. duh

I guess I don’t learn.

I really should have posted all the comments to these statuses but I really didn’t think you had all day to sit and read those.  There really could get an award for the funniest and most lengthy ever, I think.

He thinks he’s so funny.  It’s amazing how the things that you fell in love with become the things that irritate you the longer you have been together.  His oneryness is to much to handle sometimes.  Through all of that I still love him though.  He keeps me laughing and smiling for sure!

By the way, we are not doing anymore “breeding”.  I am done! 

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Debbie said...

Oh...come on Beth. You could totally have one more. can borrow mine! HA!