Sunday, August 8, 2010

Get To Know Me and "Like" Me

I am not good about following along on weekly blog parties but every now and then I will do one.  MannLand5 does a "Getting To Know You" every Sunday and I think to date I have participated in one.

Along with Getting To Know You, I thought I would go ahead and create a Facebook page for my blog!  All the other blogger kids are doing it so I thought, "Why not me?"  {you think I am totally cool now, right?!}  See that LOVELY facebook badge over there to the left


Click on it to "like" me.  It will totally make my day.  I promise you won't get bombarded with stuff either.  {I am known for not posting as often as I would like}.

You "liked" me right?!

Okay -- now on to Getting To Know You {or me}.

Getting to know YOU
1. Do you think mustaches are sexy?
      It takes a special man to pull off a moustache!  Personally I love my man clean shaven.

2. What's the last concert you've been to?
      Shania Twain - it was a long time ago I might add.  I don't get out as often as I would like.

3 What was your favorite 80's sitcom?
      Growing Pains - I was in love with Kirk Cameron {totally corny, I know}

4. Were you named after anyone?
      Elizabeth was my grandmother's middle name and Ann was my mother's middle name.  Elizabeth Ann was born.
5. When you buy new clothes, do you wash before wearing?
      No {cringe - bad me}
6. If you didn't blog, what would you do with your spare time?
      LOL - I don't even have enough time to keep up with this blog, are you kidding me.  In my imaginary world I would have lots of extra time to do crafts, read and lots of money to shop!

7. What is your favorite department store?
      JC Penneys - it fits my budget and they have everything there for my whole family!

8. If you were to get Laser Hair Removal..where would you get it?
      Hmmmm.....either underarm or bikini.  I don't really care either way.
That's is!  Not go "Like" me {but only if you really want to}.  I would make my heart grow though! 


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Rhonda said...

Hey Beth! I too had a crush on Kirk Cameron! I have a lot of respect for what he stands for now too. He is still awesome!