Friday, August 6, 2010

A "Date"less Night

See this pretty girl...
She's on a "date" tonight...sort of.
She's 15 so technically she can't date.
She has a boy "friend" that wanted her to go and see the Brooks and Dunn concert with him.
He asked for my permission
I spoke with his parents (both of which are driving them there and sitting right next to them).
I decided to let her go.
He thanked me.
He is a very nice boy, raised with respect.
That says a lot with boys now-a-days.

He likes her a lot.
She just wants to be friends.
He knows that.
He bought her ticket.
She told him they were going as friends.
He really wants it to be more than just friends.

I met his parents before hand.
He was nervous about the impression he was going to make.
Boyfriends worry about that.  Boy "friends" don't really.
He wants to be her boyfriend.

BUT...I'm totally fine with her just wanting to be friends right now.

The fact of the matter though is that she is on a "date" right now whether she wants to call it that or not.

Boy do they grow up to fast.


Kenzie said...

Thank goodness I still have 12 years to go before my oldest is 15! I don't even want to think about it yet!

Anonymous said...

I loved the line that says "Boyfriends worry about that. Boy "friends" don't really."
.....very thoughtful!!!! :)