Friday, June 18, 2010

My Week in Snapshots


My Handsome Man!

Parker picking flowers!

James and his buddy at Tongie Days!

James bobbing for apples!

Parker eating his first whole apple!

James eating donuts off a string with no hands!

Among all the summer fun we had this week, James had his first lemonade stand and he make a whopping $19!  It helps that I called all of the friends we knew to see if they could come and pay him a visit, otherwise he might have only made what I would have "bought" from him if you can technically call it that since I bought all of the product to begin with.  Nonetheless he had fun being able to go and spend some of his money on things that I "never" buy him...
After I shot my pictures this week I realized that my poor daughter likes to run from the camera unless she is all "put together". She escaped this week but not for long!

Speaking of Alysia, her poor staph infection is back. Poor girl got rid of it for about a week and a half and is fighting it again. Not a good thing for wanting to hang out at the pool with all of her friends. Apparantly she will be fighting this for a long time. I guess once you get it and it colonizes you basically have to keep it from coming back. Doctor says she has to take a bleach bath EVERY NIGHT for six weeks. Poor thing! One capful of bleach per gallon of water. Any idea how many gallons of water fit in a bathtub?!?! Approximately 25 gallons of water fill an average size tub halfway. So geusstimating that we would use about 30 gallons, that is 30 capfuls of bleach! Bless her poor soul - I hope that kills every bit if staph on her skin after the six weeks is up. So much for her lazy summer days at the pool!


Brianna! said...

awe how adorable!
looks like the kiddies had a blast!


Dawn K. said...

These are great photos! How fun! I'm a new follower from Follow Me Friday! Come visit some time!


Relyn said...

Simply adorable. You make beautiful babies, girlfriend.