Thursday, June 10, 2010

Inspired Spotlight featuring A Little Knick Knack

Welcome to my first Inspired Spotlight!  Today you get to meet Megan from A Little Knick Knack.  Like many of the bloggers that inspire me, I came across her blog one day and immediately fell in love.  I am sure you will to when you "meet" her.  Welcome Megan!!

Hello All!

My name is Meg and I have a blog called A Little Knick Knack. This blog is exactly what it says! I love to work on little things that make a house a home and occupy my mind in ways other than diapers and grocery shopping. I have 3 young kids and I'm blessed to stay at home with them and watch them grow. They are full of energy and keep me on my toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Beth was so nice to invite me to share a little bit of what inspires me as well as some fun projects that are easy and thrifty to do.

I love making things for my kids. Like...

Mini Chalkboards

Baby Appliques

and activity books made from placemats.
And, I also have fun creating things for around the house. Like...

A French-inspired flower bucket

A funky towel rack

And a wreath stand made out of an old chair.
I also enjoy making things for other people. This week, I'm in the great state of Texas, visiting my mom. She had a great idea to make a fun platter for her kitchen. It was so easy! I told her I would help her (little did I know that would mean doing the entire thing....).

We started with a fun tray found on clearance at my favorite store in the whole wide world - Hobby Lobby (for those of you that have one in your town--thank your lucky stars! I have to go all the way to Texas to enjoy the treats of HL).

Mom picked out a font she liked and printed out "EAT" so we could trace it on to the tray. To transfer the words on the tray, flip over the paper and trace in pencil. Push hard to make sure the carbon transfers to the tray.

(The fun part of doing this with my mom--I get to be in the photo shoot! Hi everyone!) Next, take the paper and put it on your tray and trace again, with a pen or other sharp writing utensil.

Next, take your trusty black paint pen and begin to fill in the letters. Make sure you have them centered correctly!

Another view....

Ta-da! Finished product. Nice. So fun to do with my mom!

Thanks, Beth for having me as a guest on your fun site. It's been so fun and I hope ya'll can come visit me at A Little Knick Knack! Have a great day!

Thanks for sharing with us all Megan!


Nancy said...

I love that tray! It's really neat!


La Maison Reid said...

That tray is a killer! I would LOVE to make one just like that but if I see that word EAT too often it might mean trouble. Ha!