Monday, June 28, 2010

Bittersweet Ending

Yesterday marked a bittersweet ending.  Mnay of you have read my trials and tribulations with Dixie HERE and HERE.

I have tried to keep this dog and help her adjust to her seperation anxiety but it just wasn't working.  I'm am sure the fact that we never really wanted her in the first place didn't help and I felt bad that it wasn't her fault.  Every time we would leave her beating herself up in the kennel was getting worse and worse. 

On Saturday I posed an ad for her on Craigslist and got an immediate response.  It was difficult to decide who to call becuase I truly did want to find her a good home.  In the end I think I found her a good home.  It is a family that has an acre fenced in yard {not that the fence will help} but they have a one and a half year old lab mix male and they just lost their 13 year old lab mix female and was looking for a replacement.  I felt that with the amount of room she would have to run and another big dog to keep her company she would be fine.  I honestly do think that if she is able to be with another dog like her when the owners leave, I don't think that the seperation anxiety will be as much of an issue.  I just don't think she will feel as alone as she did here when we left.  Also, these people don't kennel their dogs which is probably fine too.  Dixie is housebroken and so there wouldn't be an issues with accidents in the house.

Hopefully I chose the right family and she can be happy!  Thanks for all of your prayers through this ordeal


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Kimberly said...

Will you keep in touch with them and see how she is doing?