Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Final Straw Has Broke

So I have this dog.  Her name is Dixie.
She is six months old.  She's cute!
She hates being alone.  She can be a great dog.
We kind of got forced into taking her.
I don't have the time to work with her.
I love her!  Parker loves her!  It's James' dog.
But she can't stay.
She needs room to run.  She needs more attention.
She needs training.

She throws a fit in her cage when she's left alone.
She jumps a six foot privacy fence just so she can get to someone.
She really IS sweet.
Except when she does this -

This is our front door.  This WAS our very cute front door.
She jumped the fence.
She wanted in the front door.

We were wrong in thinking she would better outside than in a hot garage.
Why don't we put her inside you ask?
She throws a fit in her cage.
She slobbers and foams at her mouth, EVERYWHERE.
It soaks the floor.

She is adorable.  I would keep her.
My husband will not allow it.  He wants her gone NOW!

What do I do?


Kimberly said...

Maybe you could bring someone in to help train the dog. Do you know her history before you got her? she definitely has issues. I think you need professional help with her. good luck!

beansgood said...

Poor doggie needs help. I watch the dog whisperer on TV and have learned a few things from him. First thing from what I've learned is pehaps your dog is picking up on the tension that is coming from you and that is most likely contributing to the problems he already has... but you say he's a puppy? I can't see there not being tension based on the look of your door and what you've written. My heart goes out to you... I know it's not easy to put up with.

You might consider contact Caesar and see if he would actually show up with a camera crew and straighten up your dog! That could be fun. (or not).

I have a blind Australian Cattle dog who was injured somehow 'on the job'. He's a lot of work just by breed alone but we have the time to deal with him and we've seen him come a very long way from the state in which we got him. But it's like I said... I lot of work and patience. It doesn't appear that your hubby is up to the task at this point?

I wish you the very best with your dog and I hope for his sake (and any future owners) that you can get him the help he needs.

sattamc said...

I have a dog just like this! She has chewed through countless pieces of wood on our deck even the wood that replaced the old chewed up wood has been chewed.She got out of her house at a family members and chewed through their carpet and padding straight down to the wood flooring! She has huge problems with separation anxiety and I believe your little pup does too. If you find a solution I would love to read about it.

The Irish Poodle said...

What breed is Dixie ?? A little about her history... age etc ? I'm sure we can find you a rescue that will take her in and find a great placement for her.

Candylei said...

Oh yes, puppies love to chew chew chew! They are a bundle of energy and love. What kind of a dog is she?