Saturday, May 15, 2010

AWESOME SALE and Help Needed

Flirty Aprons is having an awesome sale right now which is good if you are doing the Tea Towel/Apron Blog Swap.  Their aprons are normally $29.95 but they are selling their irregular ones for $12.99.  There are five different colors and they are all cute.  The best thing is that even though these are irregular items most of the time it's minimal and not noticeable.  Some of the irregularities include restitiching, loose seams and pockets, and minor print flaws.  I can promise you that having done business with this company, I don't beleive they would sell you anything that you would not be pleased with even if it is at a discounted price due to irregularities.  Go HERE to order yours.

I snagged this one up!  Got get your's before their gone!!

Also, I NEED SOMEONE'S HELP!  I have seen blogs that have announcements at the top that are always in that position even if you have new posts.  How do you do that?  I want to place a reminder up there about the Blog Swap since it isn't my last blog post BUT I want to be able to add a link in it so that anyone wanting too, can click and go to that particular post.

Thanks for all your help and I hope you get a good deal on an apron!!


Kimberly said...

good deal on the apron! I love the one you got.

Alisa said...

That is a great sale!

You should be able to go to your layout page and above the blog post section it should say "add a gadget". Just add a text gadget.

If it doesn't say "add a gadget" in that spot email me and I'll be happy to walk you through how to fix it.