Sunday, March 7, 2010

MISSION: Budget Savvy Momma

I just sat down at the computer to do a bit of work but before I could do that I had to do some blog hopping and I have to tell you, I came across two of the most awesome sites known to woman!  That is if you like to save money.  I am a horrible financial manager in our household and although I have come a long way in recent years, I still have a looooooong way to go.  [hmmm.....I guess my spell checker doesn't think "long" should take that long to be spelled either.]

First off if you haven't learned about Dave Ramsey's Envelope system, then you must learn about it HERE.  Stupid me I took a Financial Peace class by Dave Ramsey and haven't implemented anything that I learned.  How stupid is that?!?  I'm not looking back anymore though....I am going to put this into practice NOW!  This is going to help me get organized and figure out where my money is REALLY going.

Now once you have that in place, check out Money Saving Mommy and The Krazy Coupon Lady for LOTS and LOTS of helpful tips, tutorials and articles on how to save money on just about everything.  While you're at it check out how Kelleigh does it all!!  It's amazing and I hope to be like these women someday.

I have used coupons in the past only to get frustrated with spending the time getting coupons for things that I don't ever use.  It is soooooo frustrating!  How do these women do it?  Hopefully I can come back in a month and let you know how they do it and also let you know that I am doing it too!  We'll see how it works out.

Take the challenge with me, will you?  I'm a little excited!!

What are some things that you do to help your budget stay under control?  Do you use the envelope system?  What are some things that you have figured out DO NOT work for you?

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