Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blog Design

Anyone that follows this blog on a regular basis knows that the design of it changes almost daily.  I just can't seem to get a design that I like but I am slowly getting there.  There are tons and tons of sites out there to help you with designing your blog.  My problem, I don't like the business, professional looking ones so I was looking for something a little more artsy and creative.  Since I have searched the Internet high and low I did most of the legwork for you.

Below are some links with some SUPER CUTE designs and the majority of them are free.  If you want to invest the money and pay someone to design your blog for you, you can opt to go that route too.  Me?  I change my mind way to much and have to stick with the free ones.

Blog Design by Sheila
My Style Backgrounds
Hot Bliggity Blog
LeeLou Blogs
Shabby Blog Design

Leave me a comment if you use one of these designs so I can come and see what you did!

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