Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine's Wreath

I got this inspiration from Jen over at Tatertots and Jello!  I thought it was adorable so I decided to make one of my own.  I wanted to use a heart but I couldn't find a foam one so I ended up with a traditional circle.  I covered it in ribbon like Jen suggests and went to town folding and gluing cupcake liners.  It took a while since I used about 250 cupcake liners but it was super simple!!

I love everything about Valentine's Day especially since I adore the color RED!!  What Valentine's decor are you working on??


Janean said...

shut UP! cupcake liners? who'd think it? great!!!!

jenjen said...

Your wreath looks FANTASTIC! I love how uniform all of your wrappers are. Beautiful!


Disorganized Mom said...

Love it!!