Thursday, January 21, 2010

My New Obsessions

I went on my normal Wal-Mart run this week and got all of the necessitities that were needed (along with some guilty pleasures).  One thing on my list was dish soap.  Now normally I have a brand that I tend to steer towards simply because I have used it for so long but I will use other brands if I have a coupon.  When it comes to dish soap I tend to buy Dawn for the most part.  Palmolive has entered our house on a few occassions but for whatever reason I usually buy Dawn.  Something new caught my eye this time and since it was "green" I decided buy.  It is absolutely AHHH-MAZING....

I bought the Water Lily scent and it "took me away".  I could have done dishes all day because the heavenly scent lasted forever!  I need those little get aways as much as I can and so I plan to purchase this FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!  Try it, see for yourself just how wonderful it is.

I feel so ecstatic because I found two AWESOME products this week.  I normally don't get on such a pedestal for anything but I just can't contain myself this week.  I have NEVER been able to clean my mirrors the way I wanted.  There is always a film that is left behind no matter what I have used from commercial to homemade products.  Nothing worked...until now!!

I found this Casabella Microfiber Glass Cleaner at Nebraska Furniture Mart and it was only $3 and it claims that you don't ever have to use any chemicals!  Hmmmm.....I figured it was worth a shot since I had tried almost everything else known to man.  IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY!!  You can use it wet or dry and I choose wet simply because I thought it worked better.  I cleaned the one mirror in my home that REALLY needed attention (mostly due to the men in my house) and I skipped out of the bedroom and cleaned every other mirror I owned.  I will NEVER use anything else!

As James' preschooler taught him - Try it...You'll like it!  That's a promise I can keep.

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Kelly Oldridge said...

I'm sooo going to have to purchase these products...

Thanks for the 'try it before you buy it' info :0)