Thursday, March 17, 2011

Joy of Luck – Day 1

Prompt: What inanimate object/thing/concept is something that you take for granted on a daily basis?  What would someone who is not as fortunate as you are say about your “luck” to have such a thing in  your life?  Think about your blessings today – (don’t focus on people for this one…that will come later)…focus on opportunity/experience/something you have/do EVERYDAY that is an unforeseen blessing in your life.


According to statistics, only 30% of mommas are able to stay home and care for their young children.  That is not a very high number.  It seems to me that the number has been rising over the past few years, but it is still very low.  I am one of those stay at home moms.

I don’t show my thankfulness for this near enough!  Seriously!  My hubby works his tush off trying to provide for our family just so that I can enjoy being home with my children.  Does he ever want me to go back to work?  Nope….

That is something I should REALLY be thankful for!

It’s easy to get stuck in the day to day with all the baths, homework, discipline, dirty toilets, and slamming doors.  But would I rather be somewhere else letting someone else raise my children?

Not at all!

Do I tell my hubby often enough how much “I LOVE HIM AND THANK HIM?”

Absolutely NOT!

Today I am reminding myself that I need to be more thankful for the joy that he gives me in allowing me to be at stay at home momma AND also to find the joy in the everyday mundane tasks that come with it.


What is your joy that you take for granted on a daily basis?

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Debbie said...

great post Beth! We are in the same ocean--floating in very similar boats! :)