Sunday, January 9, 2011

Following Through

Remember those New Year’s Resolutions {most of us} always make?  I talked about mine HERE.

We are only nine days into the new year so hopefully you are still on track with yours.

One of mine was to go on a date *once a month* with my hubby.  Let’s face it, I would LOVE to go more than once a month but with his schedule, our finances and the kids, it isn’t happening.

Last night we went on our first *date* for the year.  His work has an annual holiday party every year and we have never made it in the eight years that he has been there.  I finally got him out the door last night and we had a really good time!

I was so giddy about going on a date with him in nice clothes that I told him I wanted a picture before we left.  He said, “What, are we going to prom or something?”

Guys hate taking pictures…


He’s a pretty tall guy and I never realize it until we take pictures.


I must say that before we left last night, I wasn’t so much feeling the whole *I love him*.  We have just been downright irritated with each other lately, all the time. 


I am soooo glad that we are able to spend the evening with each other and just enjoy what brought us together in the first place.  I am reminded that he is a wonderful man who ADORES me and I don’t show him enough my appreciation or love.


How are your resolutions going?


Debby said...

Cute pictures. Had to laught at what you said. My hubby and I had one of those moments yesterday. I think the holidays and the weather can make us a little on the edgy side. Have a great year with those dates.

shortmama said...

Date nights are definitely a great way of reminding yourself that the person who is working your every last also the love of your life