Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crafting At It's Finest...

My first Craft Group was a BLAST!

The crafts from MAKIA CREATIONS are amazing!

The quality of them was well worth the money invested.

If you missed it, no fear!

I am going to host one every month!

Sanding away...


Applying some vinyl...{I love that stuff!}


It's MOD PODGE time!


Here is my finished project; the Christmas Countdown!  All of the sides of blocks have different numbers and different paper.  It just so happened that we put the "1's" on similar papers.  I maybe should have thought that out a little more {maybe it's just my OCD coming out}.  There were papers with red print and I would have preferred that there was some red showing at all times {it is my favorite color after all}.


Here is a Snowman that holds pictures!  There is a scarf {ribbon} that goes around his neck.  I took the pic too soon - the scarf totally "dresses" him though.  He is CUTE!


This is our magnet board that isn't quite finished yet.  This guest did two projects and so we threw this one together at the last minute.  There is some vinyl that goes along the bottom and then you can purchase magnets to holds pics or whatever you want on it.  I was thoroughly pleased with the quality on this one, ESPECIALLY, the wrought iron handle.  It is VERY sturdy!


There you have it!!  Crafting at it's finest {okay, maybe not}.  But it was a blast and I hope that if you missed it you can join us next month {January 22}.

If you're out of town and want to participate, you can.  Let me know and I'll give you all the details!

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Linkie Lueville said...

Beth, You're SO crafty! I LOVE it! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I have a few tutorials up, if you haven't already found them, and I plan on doing more! <3