Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Got Swagger!

That means I'm cool!!!


It could mean that I got Swagger from cashing in SwagBucks!

I had alot of Swagbucks racked up and figured I might as well do something with them.  I wasn't going to know if this thing was a scheme or not if I didn't try it out.  I told my hubby and he says, "Yeah,until you get a bill along with your item."

I ordered a pair of earrings and today they arrived!  And...there was no bill, my dear!

Aren't they purdy!!  They're birthstone.

So now it's time for you to go cash in your Swagbucks.
If you don't have any, go check out what all the hype it about.
You don't have to do anything but search the web!
I'm loving it.
Now I can't wait to cash in some more.


Alisa said...

I love swagbucks!! It's so easy to use. I save them up and buy Amazon gift cards to purchase xmas gifts.

Those earrings are very pretty!

Rhonda said...

My birthstone too. How pretty! I'm wondering what my swagbucks will buy?