Thursday, July 8, 2010

Inspired Spotlight

Welcome to this week's edition of Inspired Spotlight!  I stumbled across Destiny's blog and absolutely fell in LOVE with everything that she has...and her family is adorable! 

Hello Patchwork Chronicle readers my name is Destiny and I am the bloggin mommy of A Place for Us! My blog has sort of evolved over the years, and after we moved into our new home a year ago I decided to focus more on how I was slowly turning our cookie cutter house into our home!
I share a little bit of everything on my blog. Under my PROJECTS tab, you can find anything from crafty decor…
thrifty finds

recent rooms I’m working on…
and of course the everyday life of us…
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I just bought an entire bed set for my two boys so I was really anxious to get it on the bed!!! I’m not particular when it comes to making beds but when we have a party and everyone wants to see the house  I always like to have them all dolled up! My mothers beds are always super comfy and nesty so today I will share how I make a bed for those special occasions….
I like the look of mixing and matching. I have about 6 different types of of sets for their beds…Ralph Lauren, Circo, Tommy, etc…so don’t be afraid to NOT get a bed in a bag…lol
The first thing you want to start off with is a good mattress. I maybe a young one still…lol but I do know that a good mattress will get you some good sleep. So find one at a smoking deal!!!!
Next use a mattress pad. If you have little ones like me then you might want to get a waterproof one:0) IMG_0123_0276
Then put on a fitted sheet sheet…if its winter I like to put on a featherbed, but my hubby always complains that it’s too hot! So it doesn't stay on to long but does add an extra layer of comfort. If your mattress is deep like mine you might want to measure it before to make sure you get one that fits!! I love using jersey sheets or sateen….and guess what you don’t have to get the HIGHEST thread count!!!!
Then you add the flat sheet wrong side up. This way when you flip it you can see the right side of the sheet.IMG_0132_0278
Next you put on the comforter. I you choose a reversible comforter you have TWO options which is nice if you like to change things around like i do:0) This one has red blue and khaki…but also has a full khaki side. Also a duvet will do too! Then pull back the comforter and the fitted sheet to get this look..
Or add a Quilt before to get this look!(excuse the picture quaitly..I had to bust out my shoot and point the last minute!!!)

When I added my pillows I used a standard sham and standard pillow  but you can also use king or queen shams like I used here even if it is a TWIN bed:0)
Of course we had to add Kels BoBo…he’s still apart of the family:0)
So there you have it a simple way to make a bed all fancy when you have guest….that’s if you didn’t already know HOW TO :0)
Thank you so much for having me and hopefully I will see you over at A PLACE for Us and you will catch me while I  finish up my my little girls nursery and start the boys room!

Thanks so much Destiny for sharing with us!  I can't wait to see more of your projects!

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