Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eight Years Later...

This man has been the love of my life 8 years today!

Happy Anniversary to the one that I couldn't live without.
The one that provides for me and my children.
The one that allows me to be a mother first and foremost.
The one that spoils me at every chance that he gets.
The one that makes me laugh "almost" every day.
The one that is a wonderful daddy to the kids.
The one that puts all of us first.

Without him I don't know or who I would be today.
I have grown so much since I have been with him; it's amazing that I ever thought I was "mature" before. 
I can truly say that I love him more today and then I did yesterday.
I never knew I could love him more than the day we got married, but I do.

I look forward to spending the next 100+ years with him.
Despite all his oneryness and "sometimes annoying" behavior -
I wouldn't want to live this life without him!

I will love him forever and always!!

{it's a sad fact that I don't have many pics with him - we might have to change that}


Shelly said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Alisa said...

Happy anniversary Beth!!

Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary!