Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Beauty!

The snow here in the Midwest seems to keep coming.  People from all over the country are facing frigid temperatures that are at record lows.  Please stay warm!  I have the priviledge of staying home to raise my wonderful children and so I can look at it from my window and take in all it's glory and not have to venture out into the crazyness.

It is so neat to me to be able to look out and see peace.  Waking up after a night's snowfall and seeing the roads and walkways untouched reminds me that God can erase all the ugliness and sin from our world.  We have the opportunity to start our day and make a new path in that snow. 

Along with the snow brings us back to being able to be a child again, or at least for a couple hours.  As I was making dinner tonight I glanced out my kitchen window and saw a young man with a dog on a leash.  The crazy part about this is that they just weren't on your typical owner/dog walk.  The young man was on skis and he flew by my window!!  He was skiing down the middle of my street.  Now while that might be a little extreme for you, and for me, he was able to make the best out of the situation.  I can guarantee you that his dog enjoyed that "walk" better than any he had gotten before and I bet I can venture to say that the young man probably enjoyed it just as much.  Just seeing him ski, in the middle of my neighborhood made me laugh and brought joy to my heart.  It was definitely funny but it also brought me a sense of peace.

Our area is expected to get ANOTHER 4-8" tomorrow.  While I could agree with most that we probably have had enough snow for the year, I will also take joy in the beauty that it brings and I hope that you do too.  What do you see when you wake up to freshly fallen snow that hasn't been touched by man?

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