Sunday, November 22, 2009

This Is The Only Wire Hanger Allowed In My House, Seriously

I am sure that all of you know the famous Ms. Crawford  thanks to "Mommy Dearest".  Call me a little crazy but I have to admit that I really liked that show when I was little.  Maybe I see a little of her crazy in my when I don't take my little white pill :)  To this day I DESPISE wire hangers and my daughter never understood why until she watched that movie.

Anyways,  I found this Eddie Ross wreath thanks to a friend of mine's blog and I have to make it.  I think it is adorable and seems so easy to make.  Go to for the instructions

I am going to go to the local Dollar Store tomorrow and attempt to make one.  I will post a pic of mine when I am done.  I only hope it turns out like this pic!

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