Thursday, October 22, 2009

You've Seriously Got to be Kidding!

Did you know that there is a movement among psychiatrists to recognize internet addiction as a mental disorder.  Well haul me away to the psych ward then because I have a full blown case of it!

In today's age many people look to the internet for a million things.  Let's see what I use my handy dandy computer for.  I'll give you clues and you can decide if I have the "INTERNET MENTAL DISORDER" (said in a deep voice).  It's like we'll be playing Blues' Clues except there will be waaaaaayyyyyy more than three clues and I will be using this computer as my Handy Dandy Notebook.

(By the way we don't watch TV on the internet so by me knowing what Blue's Clue's is about shows that I am not on the computer all the time).  Okay, shall we proceed.

  • Of course we have the proverbial Facebook whom almost EVERYONE is on.  This is how I connect with people simply because talking on the phone with a baby, a 6 year old and a teenager around isn't necessarily practical at all times.  Besides if I want to talk, I can and if I don't want to be bothered then no on bothers me :)
  • Online banking and bill pay - need I say more!  Who wants to sit down every payday and write checks to a million different companies and then have to get stamps to mail them and get them to the mailbox and HOPE that they get there on time.  Remember I am a stay at home mom so MANY times I pay those things on the day they are due.  I say online bill pay saves my sanity!
  • Read the news - who has time to sit down and read the paper only to throw all of it away.  I get to read what I want and there is no waste.  I am being environmentally friendly here.
  • iTunes is the only source I have for music.  I love to have music playing in my home all the time and having iTunes (or Limewire - but shhhh...I don't want the internet police on me now) gives me the ability to get any music I want in all different genres without having to buy a CD where I will never listen to any of the other songs.
  • Google - remember when you were younger and you had encyclopedias?  Well that is my Google!  I search for anything and everything on there and no it does not take away from me knowing how to spell and look things up.  I am perfectly capable of doing that!  Google has not contributed to the demise of incompetent children.
  • Scrapbooking - I love doing all of my scrapbooking and purchasing of my photos online (just remember to save them to an external hard drive - read prior post).  I cherish my photos and having the ability to do even more with them is awesome!  My kids will appreciate it someday.  They won't have to look back like I do at pictures of people I don't even know from who knows when.  Heck my parents can't even remember what the pictures are sometimes.  How does that tell your story to your future generations.  Scrapbooking on the computer is also a lot CLEANER than buying all of the stuff and doing it manually although I do make a random manual scrapbook every now and then.
  • The fun one that my teenager hates is that I can check on her school work at practically any point in time and know what is going on.  I am not one of those parents who is ever surprised by anything that may, or may not, come home.  The administrators provide this as a resource to us so by golly I use it to the fullest.  If you're not, you're a fool!
  • I also work at home on the computer.  Being a stay at home mom I get to set my hours and work when the kids are at school or they are sleeping.  Granted I love typing but what better way to make a little bit of spending money to make the hubby happy and be able to do it in your PJ's.  Seriously!!
  • Blogging - okay so there are a million blogs out there but this is my outlet.  I enjoy it and you can't take it away from me.  If you don't want to read it, just move on but don't tell me that I am looking for something to fill a void.  Are you kidding me!  Can't I just like to write and share?!?!
Okay, there you have it!  A condensed list of everything that I do on the internet or computer.  Now you be the judge!  Is it an Internet Mental Disorder or me just being a normal person looking for better ways to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, and sister.  Take it from me, I have learned some amazing things from doing what I do AND it's a lot cheaper than therapy!!

Happy Surfing!!  See you around on this information highway!  I'm not pulling over anytime soon....

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