Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank You Dear Jesus!

Some of you may know that we are going through the process of selling our home and buying a new one.  This can be a very trying time for any family and I just pray that this is a smooth transition for us.  I want to show my great gratitude for the work that the Lord has done so far.  Having only had our house on the market for three weeks, we have been blessed to come into contact with a realtor who has a home that we love and it just so happens that he is looking for a house for his mother-in-law and thinks that ours would be perfect for her.  We signed a contract today.  He gave is the amount we were looking for and it couldn't have worked out any smoother.  Although he is a realtor, since we did all this as basically by owner we still didn't have to pay any realtor commission.  That saved us about $5000!!  Our current home loan is a VA loan and so we had to be out of that loan before we could move into a new house.  I don't know of any situation that could have flowed smoother and worked out better.  PRAISE THE LORD!

Our tentative closing date is set for October 27.  We are going to keep praying that all goes well between now and the time we close.  We pray that God will continue blessing this process.  We look to him for answers and guidance.  We are going to be getting into the Christmas season and we would love to be settled in our new home celebrating the holidays.

Thank you all that have been praying for us and we ask that you please continue to do so.  We are all very excited about  this move and hope that our family will greatly benefit from it.

Here are some pics of the new house!  I hope to be able to get some pictures with us living in it soon!!

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