Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Barnyard Babies

There was a Barnyard Babies event at the local Agricultural Hall.  Unfortunately, it was a cool day.  You never know in Kansas what weather you will get in Spring.  Nonetheless, the kids had fun :)

 DSC08906 DSC08907  DSC08913 DSC08914

Doesn’t look like a pretty Spring day with those clouds :(

DSC08920 DSC08927 DSC08934 DSC08935 DSC08936 DSC08939 DSC08940 DSC08948  DSC08952 DSC08956 

I LOVE this pic!!  They aren’t showing how much they “hate” each other :)


THIS is more like it :)



Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flower Goodness

It’s been busy around here lately – and just like last time – I’m behind on blogging about my happenings around here.
The best thing that happened this week -
SCHOOL IS OUT which means IT’S SUMMER!!!
What’s summer without flowers… and playing in the water.  For a two-year old, it is NEVER too cold for that.
  DSC08870DSC08871  DSC08873 DSC08874 DSC08876  DSC08878  DSC08880   DSC08900 DSC08886       DSC08893 DSC08894 DSC08895    DSC08899
I hope you are enjoying the start to your summer!!