Saturday, June 4, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ours is slowly but surely coming along.  I can’t get those pesky weeds to stay out though.  If my life didn’t include taking care of kids and a husband, I’d be out there all day weeding and it STILL wouldn’t be done!

Out of 17 tomato plants, we have TWO fruits!!  YEAH!!!


And look at those blooms just ready to burst with more fruit :)  I can’t wait!  There is nothing better about a garden than fresh, homegrown tomatoes!!


Zucchini is another favorite of mine and out plants are VERY healthy!!  I see alot of zucchini bread, fried zucchini, and spaghetti sauce with zucchini, just to name a few, in our future!


Mmmm…mmmm…good!!  I can’t wait to watch these blooms turn into veggies!


Our green bell pepper plants are so tiny, but they are all bearing LOTS of peppers!  We’re still waiting for the red bell pepper – we have some tiny blooms but now pepper yet :) 

DSC09114 DSC09115 

Our green beans look a little sad.  Ignore the weeds – it’s the one spot I haven’t gotten to in the entire garden.  We have pesky bugs eating all over them >:(  I’m going to spray some big killer on them tomorrow because they look so sad…


BUT…even though the leaves look puny, WE HAVE GREEN BEAN BUDS!

DSC09118 DSC09119 

We do have onions and radishes too!  The onions look like they are just a big mess of weeds and the radishes….well…they are going crazy too!  There are even a few of them already popping through the ground that look big enough to pick!

Our second “little” garden on the south side of the house, isn’t so little anymore!!  We simply took our pumpkins that we carved last Halloween and dumped them in this spot that we NEVER use.  We thought it would be neat to see how it turned out and is nothing else, it would be fun to see what it did!  Let me tell you….this “little” spot is about 5 feet long right now and about 3 feet deep.  Not bad for something rotten pumpkins we just threw out!


Move all those big leaves….and we have literally “hundreds” of pumpkin blooms!!  I better get to looking at some pumpkin recipes considering I’ve never cooked with real pumpkin.  The closest thing I’ve done is pumpkin pie with canned pumpkin.  If you’re local and want some pumpkins…we might have a lot…that you can have!!  I’m anxious to see how big they grow! 

DSC09122  DSC09123 DSC09124

It’s officially the start of summer here!!  School is out and the garden is blooming!  That means summer to me more than any calendar day…

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Debbie said...

Jealous over your garden! I didn't do one this summer. My sister's dog is in my backyard. The ding dong would eat everything.