Saturday, June 18, 2011

How are you staying “COOL” this summer?

We finally broke down and got a pool pass this year.  Therefore you’re going to be getting a lot of pics of the kiddos in the water.

Parker – he isn’t scared of the water, AT ALL!!  He will walk into the big pool and keep walking no matter if it’s deeper than him at all.

James was never that brave.  He loves the water but has always been a little more apprehensive.  James is in swimming lessons this year and is LOVING IT!!  He can now go under water without holding his nose!  That’s a HUGE accomplishment for him :)

Summer fun at the pool!  I love it!!

It reminds me of when I was a little girl and we would spend ALL day, EVERY day there. 

So if you’re looking for us and can’t find us, that’s probably where we’ll be :)

DSC09314 DSC09318 DSC09319 DSC09324 DSC09327 DSC09329 DSC09305 DSC09307 DSC09310

How are you staying “cool” this summer?

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Shannon said...

At the new place two of the neighbors have pools. Guess who's getting cookies as soon as we move in?