Friday, May 20, 2011

Icing Fail – Help!

Technically, today isn’t James’ birthday.  It’s on June 22.  But, since it falls in the summer, he gets to celebrate at school today!

I’m thinking his party this year is going to Army themed and so I thought this would be a good time to attempt some camouflage cupcakes.


They’re “okay”.  I think I need to work on the camo technique a little bit more.  I just mixed some green icing together and then used chocolate for the brown.  I folded them together very lightly and then dumped it all in my piping gun.  They were so-so in the beginning {what you see} but towards the end the colors were mixing a little too much and it looked more like “poop”.  I’m really hoping the kids don’t mind that resemblance :)

Any suggestions?

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Lisa Patterson said...

Here's what I learned from painting a camo face for Halloween costumes - actually have done it several times.

Start with 4 colors - gray, black, light green and dark green. Lay down the greens in organic shapes then fill in with the gray then black.

For frosting, I suggest you use the star tip and do the "dot" method rather than swirl. So, dots of the two greens followed by filling in with grey and black.

Not sure my written descriptions conveys the messages, but if you could see my hands move when I described it, you'd surely understand:-)