Monday, April 18, 2011

Random GOOD Stuff

I sure you know The Pioneer Woman.  If you don’t, you really are missing out.  You should go check out her blog!

She also has a “new to me” cookbook.  I think it’s been out for close to a year now but I just got mine in the mail today!!

The recipes in it look AMAZING!  And just like her blog, there is a photo of every step.  Makes it so much more fun to do the cooking, I think!! 

And it talks about her life on the ranch. 

It really is a must read!

You should get it!


Do you know what these are?


Before I met my hubby, I had no clue.


Let me start by saying I have never liked mushrooms.  Something about eating a fungus I guess.  And the fact that it’s a texture thing.  I think button mushrooms are slimy.  EWWWW….

Anyways, these are WONDERFUL mushrooms!!  Seriously!  My seven year old that doesn’t eat anything, loves them!

You can only hunt them this time of the year and they are very hard to find.  If you find a spot that has them, KEEP IT A SECRET!  They’re that much of a rarity, obviously.

Last week, my hubby found a small bunch.  Enough to whet our appetite for future ones.  He’s out hunting for more as we speak.  Hopefully, we’ll have some ready for dinner!



This of course is just too cute to keep to myself.  It was lunch time and Parker lined his trains up on the barstools and said “BITE”!  They were all obviously ready for some food!

Too cute!


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Connie said...

I love that cook book! I want to give it to everyone as gift!

Love mushrooms but I've never had this kind!