Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break Sunshine HAPPINESS

Have I told you how happy I am that it is SPRING!!
This week is Spring Break and the boys have been enjoying it.  Alysia, well she was either reading a book or on Facebook.  You know – that’s what teenagers do when they aren’t with their friends.
 DSC08065 DSC08067
Mr. Parker threw the ball under the porch so James was more than happy to crawl under and get it.  He thinks it’s cool to be able to fit in there.  I would think it was too…if I could!
DSC08072 DSC08074 DSC08075
LOVE this pic!!  My son doesn’t really have a strange disease on his legs.  He just likes to draw on himself with markers when he is at his friends’ house.
And this one!  I told Parker to say “cheese” and he actually did!!
DSC08083 DSC08085
Then the neighbor boys came to play!
DSC08090 DSC08095 DSC08097
Now – today it’s a blustery 38 degrees and snow is on the way :(
Not a very nice way to end Spring Break if you ask me!

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Julie said...

Those boys certainly look happy! Love the shorts and flip flops. Maybe some day we can break them out too. :)