Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beautiful VERSUS Ugly!

Today is a BEAUTIFUL DAY!  Days like this make me even more anxious for the onset of Spring.


We’re NOT going to look at what Monday brings though – and the several days after that.  It’s proof that it is still February and Old Man Winter is still hanging around for a little while longer.

But back to today!  Days like this make me feel like Spring cleaning.  Now, I’m going to warn you about the upcoming pictures.

Don’t judge!

I seriously do not remember my mom having to clean these things on a daily or weekly basis to make sure that they did not end up in this state of “nastiness”.

Just keeping it real for ya!

{Maybe I should make these pics smaller – then you wouldn’t see the ugliness as much}

These darn vents are up high and I honestly don’t look at them very often.  Not an excuse, I know.


This poor lampshade is on my husband’s nightstand.  I don’t understand how these little boogers attract so much dust!


We have a window in our bathroom which doesn’t open.  It only serves as a light source, I guess.  I don’t ever open the blinds though.  When I did, I see all this yuck collected in the corners.  Should I dare think that is mold?!?!  The rest of my house is REALLY not like this!


Yep – this is my laundry room.  Now I know why this room collects dust but I STILL don’t remember my mom having to clean it as often as it should be.


Nasty, nasty light fixture!  I’m really thinking this shows me as a bad house cleaner.  There’s really no excuse for the dust accumulation.  “I don’t look up there” isn’t good enough.  I know!


So I NEED to get onto cleaning these things {along with many more!}


remember that BEAUTIFUL weather I showed you?!

I’m going to enjoy it doing things that I really want to do!

The dust will be there tomorrow, or the next day, or the days when we are going to have more snow in the near future :(

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Alisa said...

funny~ we were just talking about the dust last night at church. My vents get the same way in the winter and our bedroom is the worst. It's because of all the blankets and comforters. They release dust into the air with every fluff and move we make. Ick! Makes me want to sleep in a plastic bag :)