Friday, January 28, 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful

I am so excited to be part of a very unique blog hop. Gail @My Repurposed Life and MeganDVD @ Beauty in the Attempt are hosting “The Bold and the Beautiful-your blog reviewed”.

Please take a look around my blog, check out the layout, pages, buttons, sidebar and gadgets. I would love for you to gently critique my blog. I’m hoping you will leave me some positive feedback about my blog. It would be great if you could give me constructive criticism but be sure to tell me what you like about my blog too! Do you like my pictures? Does my blog load quickly for you? How about the font? All tips and tidbits welcome!

You are welcome to join the party, it starts Thursday night and is open for a week.

You can join HERE!


Sharon said...

Hi Beth! Congrats on going over the top of 100 followers! It's exciting! I'm visiting from the blog hop and I'm enjoying my visit. I like your subtitle! :-) My gentle suggestion for you would be to have your archives so that readers can see what else you have to offer! I love to get all I can! :-) Also, I see a word verification below, which seems to be a hindrance to comments...I've been blogging a year and have not had any problem with spam.
Please stop by my blog, I'd love your input. I also have a giveaway going on...please enter!
Enjoy your weekend!

allenaim photography and design said...


I also am not a huge fan of the word verification thing, but I get why folks want it :)

I love your sweet little cute- like you!

Your blog is very easy to navigate and you've chosen really nice fonts, etc. It does feel a little crowded with the two sidebars on either side of the content, but again...that's just a preference :)

glad to meet you! said...

Nice blog for sure! I love your header, your tag line and your nav bar. It all works well together.
Your about me is top, way to go!
It does seem like your widget wibiya might slow down the loading of your page on me end. But maybe just a fluke.
congrats on going over 100!

Anonymous said...

nice blog! clean & simple.. to the point. great job!

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Hello my dear and thank you for linking up to our little hop! I love the little corner you have carved out in the blog world. I like the colors and the scrapbook style invokes a giddiness to all your readers & followers. :) My gentle suggestion is to place your followers right beloe you. After showcasing your lovely self, I think you will benefit in increasing your followers by having them right underneath you...and then your button. :) I think everything is perfection yet time is always of the essence in blogging and this little tweek might change things up just enough for you. Once again these are just gentle thoughts. I know that taking a risk and putting yourself out there is very scary, but you should feel so proud and empowered. I hope that you are not a no-reply when dealing with comments. I always love being able to respond to my bloggers. Also...if you need anything, Gail and I would love to help. Just let us know what we can do. :)

Have a great finish to the weekend, and I hope this is the beginning of seeing more of you in little blog world. :)


Gayle @ Life on the Lane said...

I love your header and the colors used in your blog. I wouldn't change a thing :)

opalm said...

Nice layout easy to follow. I especially enjoy your header. Isn't blogging fun?

Stacey said...

I love your little "patchwork" tulip. Totally goes with your theme. And your header statement is perfect. I love the patching it all together sentiment. I like the color palette though, I'm not feeling the background pattern in the header. Maybe go with a solid color to make the tulip pop more? I'd also suggest a label gadget so that your readers can see the types of things you post about.

Denise said...

Hi there, love the blog! Everything flows very well. Newest follower and congrats on the over hundred mark. Just got there myself...Hope you have a blessed day.