Monday, December 6, 2010

What We've Been Doing

I never seem to get around to posting about all of the things that we do as a family and so I thought I would just share some pics.

Parker didn't want to have anything to do with Santa.  The closest he would get was on my lap and that wasn't saying much.  We got this pic and he was done.  James, of course, told Santa that he wanted an Army Town set for Christmas.  If the jacket isn't an indication, the boy is obsessed with anything army! 

Every year at the high school they have a "Madrigal Feast" in which the choir students recreate an early century renaissance dinner with skits.  It is a big production and something that she looks forward to every year.  In the past she has been in the Concert Choir and their job is to serve food to the guests.  This year, she made "Chieftan Singers" so she was able to be in the Royal Court and be served by the Concert Choir.  ALL of the students did a wonderful job!

Here are me and my two boys building legos.  Other than "Army" this is James' other obsession.  He has lots of legos -- they are ALL OVER my house.  

Here is the house I built for James.

Here is "part" of his masterpiece.  His creations are never ending....they just keep growing and growing and growing. 

Okay -- what parent doesn't let their kids lick the blenders thingy's.

{Santa, I REALLY want a KitchenAid stand mixer - maybe next year}

Do you see a theme here?  My boys love legos!
{secretly so do I}

 He is always wearing a hat around the house!  It's pretty cute, huh :)

Happy Monday!

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