Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Pics {LOTS}

I'm late -- these didn't get posted last night like I wanted.  Better late than never though in my mind, especially since it was a great Halloween.  I still can't believe it is NOVEMBER!

We can't have a Halloween celebration without a BIG batch of chili!  This has become a tradition that we have started and I must say, it's a good one.  Perfect time of year for yummy chili in my tummy!

 We did have some friends come over and bring their "One Month Old" baby boy.
Parker could not get enough of him.
 What's Halloween without some games after dinner before trick-or-treating?
 Parker just kept staring at baby Matthew!
He is amazed everytime a baby is around.
Too bad, I'm done having kids.
He would make an AWESOME big brother!
James got to be the mummy at his Halloween party.
Who doesn't love the mummy game?
 A random shot of me working on Parkers costume amidst the messyness of my house, the day of!
I'm such a procrastinator, or forgetful...could be a bit of both
 My "Scream" monster and my little "puppy".
 My Indian girl!
Nothign special...just made James pose underneath this beautiful tree.
  I hope that everyone had a safe and haunting Halloween!
Now on to preparing for Thanksgiving!
It's going to be here before we know it!


Debbie said...

looks like a great Halloween!

Ruthie said...

We played the Mummy game at my Halloween party! It was alot of fun! We had the kids wrap up the adults! LOL