Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To My Readers

I love my blog!
I love the fulfillment I get from it.
I love the simple relationships I have formed with others.
I love being able to be me.

I love all of the ideas I get from others.
I love the support from my followers.
I love the "realness" that you see in blogs.
I love that we have our own uniqueness in Blogland.

To all of you blogging out there,
showing your heart,
your home,
your weaknesses,
your strengths;

Just thought you might want to know that right now.  To any that may be doubting your blogging; you do matter - to someone!  If you only matter to one - that's important enough!


shortmama said...

What a sweet post!

Dawn K. said...

Love your answers and I'm with you on swimming since I don't know how to snowboard but I do enjoy a good book, a warm fire, and watching my kids ski!