Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wherein I Redeem My Son and A First!

Remember THIS post...
where I talked about the challenges that my son seems to face all of the time?

I have to redeem him!  LOOK AT HIS PROGRESS REPORT!
Can you say AWESOME!!!!!
He couldn't have been prouder when he brought this home :)

Brian and I have both talked to his teachers and counselor about some of the issues that we have at home and none of them seem to think that he is anywhere on the ADHD spectrum.

That makes me feel good.  He does what he is supposed to when he is in public.

It also makes it challenging to know that he is only challenging at home.
He simply knows how to work mom and dad,
and the fact that we aren't consistent enough with him.

We have made some changes and so far things seem to be going good. 

We made a big deal about his progress report!!


The poor boy has been waiting for what seemed like eternity.  In Kindergarten and First Grade the teacher always keeps track of who loses teeth and he flew through each year without so much as a tooth that wanted to budge.

So you can imagine his excitement when about two weeks ago he knew that he was going to be losing a tooth soon!  He has been a mix of emotions though.  He has this fear that losing a tooth is going to hurt so bad but at the same time he wants is to happen now.

Tonight while I was making my {yummy} enchiladas, him and Parker were wrestling around the front room.  James comes running to me crying like you'd think he'd broke a bone.  I saw blood and almost started to freak out and then realized that it was the tooth.  It was REALLY lose this morning and I told him that when Dad got home we would probably have him pull it, but honestly I forgot about it.

Until the started wrestling and little old Parker punched it out of his mouth!  It didn't hurt a all...just shocked the heck out of him and thought that something much worse had happened when he saw all the blood.

This is bittersweet proof that my boy is entering another phase of growing up.
The tooth right next to it isn't to be far behind since it's loose; as well as the two top ones.
I better build up my lose change and dollar bills...

The poor kid may be asking for all of his teeth by Christmas instead of just his two front teeth!

I am so proud of him!!  Next time you see him, give him a "High Five"

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Steven said...

You will love this Tooth Fairy keepsake. Better than money from the Tooth Fairy.