Friday, August 13, 2010

Time For The Fair!

Here is me and one of my handsome boys!  It was waayyyy to hot to bring Parker along.  I wouldn't have been able to "be" with James like he would have liked.  Thanks Ashley and Alex for staying to babysit!  Alysia...well she was MIA as soon as we got there.  It seems when you are 15 and you are at a fair then you don't want to hang with mom and little brother...her friends were way more important!  Who would have guessed...{sarcasm}

 I loved the bunnies....

He was moving so fast that I couldn't get a "great" pic!  His smile is priceless though...

I did FINALLY catch up with Alysia hanging out with her friends.  James was so happy to see her and get to ride the Ali Baba with her.....her not so much.  I made her enjoy it though.

This is what $3.25 will get you in a cheeseburger...about an 1/4 of an inch thick with cheese only.  All the extras were our for the takings in small packages just like the cheeseburger itself.  No fresh veggies here....they were REALLY good though!

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