Monday, July 26, 2010

Recipe Help - I'm Begging!!!

Hey all!  I have been uber busy and it doesn't show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

I'm having a baby shower for a friend of mine in two weeks.

Then a couple weeks after that I will be throwing a bridal shower for my step-daughter that we just decided on today.  I haven't started any planning so I need to get to work on it, FAST.

A couple weeks after that is my hubby's 40th birthday party.  That is going to be big- he's 40!  What else is to be expected?

A couple weeks later, September 25 to be exact, is the wedding day.  I have sooooo much to do before then and I am really hoping that I can get it all done in time and, most importantly, that it all looks good.  On my plate right now {most of which is handmade} invitations, programs, flower basket, ring bearer pillow, tissue pom pom balls, centerpieces, bridal veil, and so much more.

Oh yeah...and a wedding cake!  I have never made one but after doing a lot of research I am hoping that my confidence and my measly talent can pull it all off.  I'm thinking I'll be making cakes for the showers and parties before as practice. 

This is where I need your help...

I need a SUPER YUMMY, DELICIOUS, TO DIE FOR wedding cake recipe.

Can anyone help me out, please.

Oh yeah, and I also need a really good punch recipe to go along with the cake.

Simple.....I'm sure someone out there can help me out.

I'm begging!! {please...please...please}

Oh yeah, and I'm also hoping to win THIS GIVEAWAY.  Meg at A Little Knick Knack has been a guest on my blog and I think it would be REALLY cool to win her awesome Personalized Cupboard Door redo!  It's totally awesome.  You should go check it out.


shortmama said...

I wish I could be of any help but sadly Im no cake aficionado!

Alisa said...

you should call Dana from Mops. She makes wedding cakes and I think she would share her recipe with you.

Keriann said...

Wow! I have no wedding cake recipes but I have to say WOORAY for you! That is a HUGE task to try! You are awesome to go for it!