Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flip Flop Goodness


I participated in a Flip Flop Swap over at Kimberlys Korner  This was soooo fun!  It was so much fun shopping for my partner Melissa!  She is amazing!  You truly HAVE to go check her blog out!  This is a polite demand...she has the most BEAUTIFUL home I have ever seen.  I am not kidding you!  This is what I would love for my home to look like but she pulls it off fabulously!!  Don't you think?  It could be that she doesn't have three kids running around like I do, but hey, I can dream

Here is what she sent me...makeup/toiletry bags, an AWESOME animal print notebook that holds a photo in the front, yummy smelling body wash and lotion, delicious smelling candles, dark chocolate Hershey Bliss (mmmmmm) and TWO adorable pairs of flip flops!  I'm thinking the rhinestone ones are going to look so sute with a summer dress and the Tommy Hilfiger orange and pink ones have already had their chance to see the town.  I love them!
Thanks Melissa for all the cool stuff!  Go HERE to see the flip flops and apron I got her (and her amazingly spectacular house).

Also, if you like swaps or want to participate in your first one, Kimberly's Korner is going to be hosting an APRON SWAP.  She said that details will be posted about it in the next couple days.  Be on the lookout if you want to participate.  They are sooooo much fun and you will meet so many new, AMAZING women.

I hope you join in!  I promise you won't be disappointed :)


Melissa Miller said...

~Ah Beth!!!! You are sooo kind to say such nice things about me and our home. *Blush* You are right, no kiddos here. HeHe! Thank you!

I am so happy you are enjoying everything I sent you. Yay!

I just ADORE everything you sent me! I can't believe you also included such a great bonus with the adorable apron. It is just the sweetest thing ever. LOVE it and thank you again!

Blessings to you and yours. ~Melissa :)

Kimberly said...

I love your flip flops too! where did you get the ones you sent to Melissa? I need them. Hopefully the link will be open soon.

Kimberly said...

that is great about tea towels! I was just announcing the apron swap..writing up the post. So I will mention YOU are doing a tea towel one to go with mine? is that good? So you will announce and take care of the tea towel swap? Does this sound good or do you have a better way? I won't post until I hear from you.

Pat said...

Yes, where did you get the black flip flops that you sent Melissa? :-) Of course, I love the red ones shown here from her. You two were great swap partners!

I'm so glad she referred us to your blog. It's lovely and I will look around more.

Brightest blessings,