Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beth Needs

This little narcissistic activity can turn out to be kinda hilarious. You Google your first name followed by the word "needs" i.e., "Beth needs" and see what results come up. A few of mine were not family-friendly blog-worthy, but here were some of the ones that were:
  • Beth needs some love here.
  • Beth needs structure and parents who will teach and promote responsibility (WHAT?  I'm a parent myself and hope that my mother would have already taught me responsibility?)
  • Beth needs a new home (Is that cool or what considering we are in the market for a new home when we sell ours!  Maybe it's a sign.)
  • Beth needs to realize she has a problem (Any ideas on what that could be?)
  • Beth needs a considerable raise in salary (I'm game for this one anytime!!)
  • Beth needs to look within about what she is believing about her weight (Hmmmm......another one that makes me think.)
  • Beth needs your help!
  • Beth needs a good kick!
  • Beth needs to look at the program as a whole.
  • Beth needs to focus on her flat and screechy vocals (What??)
  • Beth needs to learn humility (WOW - now that's deep!)
This was pretty funny at some of the things that came up that I couldn't post.  Try it yourself.  ENJOY!

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