Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ladies Night!

Tonight was Ladies Night at a local winery.  H Avenue {a local clothing store in Tonganoxie} was having a fashion show there along with a booth.  About a week ago, the owner asked me to model some of them fashions tonight and I graciously obliged.  I was actually very excited to do it :)

It was a BLAST!!  The other ladies there were close to my age so I didn’t feel like  the “old” one.  When you’re in your mid 30’s, you tend to feel like the “old” one really quick.  My hubby has been calling me a “super model” all week!  He’s so sweet!!


DSC09087  DSC09089 DSC09092

DSC09094     DSC09083 DSC09084 DSC09085 DSC09086


Thank Donna and Nick for letting me hang out with you tonight and showing off your fantabulous clothes!!

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