Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It’s Hard to be Tough on Day’s Like This

This was a particuarly bad day for Parker.  He has had soooo many ear infections and sicknesses in the pas year that he was wayyyyy behind on his shots.

Poor thing got 6 in one day!  He is one tough cookie if you ask me!  Two in each leg and one in each arm. 



Now a week and a half later we are fighting a fever that supposedly comes {around day 10} after the chickenpox vaccine.  He’s been up for three nights running a 102 degree temp. 

Sadly enough, after a visit to the doc, it was determined that he has ANOTHER ear infection.  Good thing he has an appointment on May 11 to get his adenoids checked.  I’m hoping that is going to solve some of his ear issues.

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Debbie said...

poor dude. Cooper goes for his 6 month check and shots in a couple of weeks. I am dreading it.