Friday, April 15, 2011

“Hammer Time”

When you have boys, all they want to do is play with tools.  Parker’s favorite at the moment…



LOVE the tongue!

DSC08309 DSC08313 DSC08315 DSC08319 DSC08320 DSC08323

Time for the BIG hammer now…


Well looky here!  James decided to come home from his friends’ house to play with us.  The neighbors are usually soooo much “cooler” than us. 

DSC08331 DSC08332

Big Daddy even came out to play!  It’s a happy day!!


LOOK MOMMA!  I found something else….

DSC08340 DSC08345

LOVE this pic soooo much!


Weird!  Parker is mad at James?!  He always is…

DSC08355 DSC08357

See all that dirt?  It’s gonna be my garden.  I’m hoping to get some plants bought and planted tomorrow.  That’ll be another post in and of itself.

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