Thursday, February 17, 2011

So What If I Wine About It!

I’m not a wine connoisseur by any means, but I do love a glass of wine every now and then!  My favorite is Moscato.  It’s sweet but not to sweet.  I’m not a fan of dark red, dry wines.  I’m open to trying them though.

A friend of mine, who used to live in Colorado, brought me this wine when she came to visit several months ago.

blue bottle

IT WAS HEAVEN!  Very sweet and smooth!  It is a dessert wine so the sweetness is not for everyone.

The thing that I also LOVED was the bottle!  I still have it!


The other day I was stalking reading through my blog list and I came across this link from 9 o'clock Dance of Joy.  This was her pic…

The bottle looked familiar to me so I asked her what it was.  Much to my surprise it was from The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey!  The same place mine was from!!

They have such unique bottles!

Anyways, Kenzie was kind enough to send me a link to their website so I can order more of the wine.

I want to order one of each {even if it is dark red, dry wine} just so that I can have the bottles to decorate with!

 wine 1 wine 2 wine 3 wine 4 wine 5 wine 6 wine 7

And the gift boxes are BEAUTIFUL!!  Absolutely STUNNING!

wine box

Cork Barrels?!?!  I LOVE THESE!!  I need a decorative place to store my corks and this is perfect!  {I even have a friend in which this would be the perfect gift for}.

wine cork barrel 

And yes – T-shirts!  I love their logo THAT MUCH!

wine tshirt

Don’t you think they are amazing!  Now before you go and start an alcohol intervention on me – you must know that I only drink a glass or two a week.  It is mostly saved for when we are entertaining.  I just enjoy it when I can!

Thanks KENZIE for the info!


Anonymous said...

They have those cork cages at Holy-Field Vineyard & Winery in Basehor, KS

Beth Eaton said...

Ohhhh...they do? I'm going to have to go there and look at them. I'm all about supporting a local business! Thanks for sharing!

Kenzie said...

Yay! I just opened a bottle of the Sunset is my absolute favorite! Maybe I should start saving my bottles for you, I just threw the Canon Harvest away! You will have to let me know if you order some! Or even better if you are ever in Colorado you can come down and we can go to the winery for a tasting!

Connie said...

I actually toured that winery about 7 years ago. Their wines is so good!!

debbi said...

love the bottle. i'm normally not a big wine drinker but after seeing their bottles...i'm going to start drinking more wine.

i now know what to get my sister for her bday.