Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inspired Spotlight Thursday!

This weeks post is highlight Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home!

Inspired Spotlight

"Hello!  I'm Christie and the lucky stay at home mother of 3. Being a mom is hard work, and it's good to take a break to do what I love--crafting or sewing!  My favorite part of having my blog is that I get to be in contact with a lot of amazing women!  I started my blog because my family blog was beginning to look like a craft blog with all the craft posts I started writing.  It's fun for me to think of new ideas or make things from other tutorials I find.  It feels like a balancing act sometimes, but as long as I try to put my family first and know when to quit crafting (which is hard sometimes!), then things run pretty smoothly around here and we're probably all better for it!"

THIS post shares some of the trials she has been through in her life and focuses on where she gets her strength!  Her kids are blessed to be able to call her “Mother”.


I am going to make this Crayon Roll someday!  She shares the tutorial on how to do it if you want to try it.  I LOVE that she included a spot for a small notebook! 

Easter is right around the corner {COME ON SPRING} and THIS tutorial from last year is right on time!

This Vintage Bike Basket is very chic!  Now I need to find a bike like that so I can make it!  Want a tutorial?  She’s got it!

There you go!  Another Inspired Spotlight from a fellow blogger who inspires me!

Thanks so much Christie!

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Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

Thanks so much for the spotlight! You have such kind things to say, so thank you!!!